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Stays at the Brno centre

We encourage Central European Canadianists to come to Brno to do research in the extensive Canadian Studies library (around 5,500 titles) at the Masaryk University Canadian Studies Centre.

Most of the Canadian Studies books are housed in the library of the Faculty of Arts, which has an open shelf system, so there is full and easy access to material. The library is normally open seven days a week (except for a summer break in July, and at the time of some holidays, in particular Christmas and Easter). The majority of videos are in the Department of English and American Studies; access there can usually be arranged for any day as well.

List of available books (xls)

The Central European Association for Canadian Studies will reserve and pay for accommodation in Brno for up to six nights.

The opportunity to have access to these materials is particularly beneficial to students, whether at the MA or PhD level, but may also prove useful to teachers doing research, wishing to prepare a new course, etc.

Those wishing to come to Brno should send the Central European Canadian Studies Secretariat a brief description of why they would like to use the facilities at Masaryk University; students should also include a note from a teacher confirming this. These should be sent to our student assistant, Denisa Krásná (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Please do this well before the planned visit, to ensure that accommodation can be arranged.

As a service to our members, we are also able to scan articles (or chapters) from the books in the collection (though not, for copyright reasons, whole books), and send them to you. Please get in touch with Denisa Krásná, with details of what you are interested in.